Soni[K]ab #1 – The Sound Kabin

Sonikab flyer01

Mira BenjaminGrillo by Beaven Flanagan

Jorge Boehringer – an inflatable splash across the peaks + 2

Ben Nigel PottsNothingness

David PockneeFixations by Eleanor Cully

Sebastien LavoieThe Pocket Richard/Basketball Glitch


Soni[K]ab #2 – The Christmas Kabin


Ryoko Akama & Monty Adkins – Untitled

Boris Bezemer – Boris Bezemer Spring

Monty Adkins – Monty Adkins + Laurent Segretier skyler et bliss

Christine Avis, Asher Leverton, Eleanor Cully – Stephen Harvey Incessantly with minor diversion

Michael Baldwin – Michael Baldwin Urtext                                                

Beavan Flanagan – Beavan Flanagan Hypersolid                                                   

Pia Palme – Untitled


Soni[K]ab #3 – Bori[K]ab:The Dirty Eight

Installation:Jorge Boehringer

“Inches, feet” quoth Begonia Ploy:a compendium (with additional remarks)


Boris Bezemer – Spring

Sebastien Lavoie – The Four Seasons: Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter

Chris Ruffoni – Reed Organ

Boris Bezemer – Nature and Looks : Jorge Boehringer (viola)

Boris Bezemer – Mobile


Soni[K]ab #4/4: […] and the livin’ is easy. March 11th 2015

James Wood – No Dates Or Olives/CTID/I Don’t Believe David Icke Either

From the album ‘Not The Taste​.​.​. The Consistency (14 bass clarinet improvisations)’

Eleanor Cully – somewhere in the choices

Hali Santamas – Swell (Version)


Mira Benjamin – For Mira : Composed by Cassandra Miller

Daniel Ruane –  arrhythmia Live


The Unfurling Streams CD and limited edition box set launch party.

Interior of box

The CD Unfurling Streams by Monty Adkins with exhibition of photographs inspired by the music by Stephen Harvey.

CD and VERY limited edition box set of CD and photographic images is available from the Cronica bandcamp page here: