baconjam@coffeevolution – 14th March 2018



baconjam presents our first concert at Coffeevolution, Huddersfield! Experimental music from local duo Kneeling Coats and the lovely Laura Luna, travelling all the way from Mexico!

14th March 2018 – Doors 7:30pm Music 8.00pm

£4 on the door

8 Church St, Huddersfield HD1 1DD –



A photographer turned video and film artist, Laura Luna began to experiment with music in 2013. Perceiving sound as a powerful art form for enhancing memories and narratives, she recorded sounds around her that triggered emotions and memory fragments, building them into a rich tonal music. Using field recordings, voice, a modded Atari computer, a Gameboy and various synths, she constructs sounds to describe fantastical scenes and narratives, creating soundtracks for sublimely fogged-in worlds inspired by the sort of science fiction that deals in the eerily heart-rending. In 2014, she released the experimental album Isolarios inspired by stories about lost cosmonauts, expeditions without return, magical realism, and the works of Italo Calvino.

With a passion for machines, generative narratives, and the complexities of memory, Luna has developed audiovisual performances, installations, and interactive works where different materials and technologies coexist.


(Eleanor Cully and Jorge Boehringer)

Door to St. Michaels and all Angels:
sunken track.
To reach gates and a fingerpost square at the top, where stands the monument.
Walk to the right of the waterside route to the next corner monument.
Walk to the High Level
Walk the handgate on the right and walk right opposite the tourist.
Put your back to the churchyard.

baconjam X Electric Spring 2018



@Creative Arts Building, Huddersfield University

baconjam X Electric Spring : 23rd February 2018


Katz Mulk is a performance collective featuring the hands; brains; legs & torsos of Andrea Kearney, Ben Knight, Ben Morris & Siân Williams. Pulling together crude electronics; field recordings; narrative fragments; dance & sculpture to create a sticky radiophonic syrup. In the past few years they have played across Europe and released Katzenzungen on Sacred Tapes, & Husks on Singing Knives Records.

Chris Ruffoni is a Huddersfield-based musician making lo-fi electronic music. After spending time composing acousmatic music, he is now interested in creating for/through live performance and improvisation. He describes his work as blurred, cyclical, layered and textural.

Anna Peaker is a visual artist and graphic designer who began working with sound in 2016. Working from a small attic space at home, she uses budget keyboards, drum machines, loops and effects to create microcosmic soundscapes. Sounds are influenced by domestic spaces, how we spend our time in them and escapism from them. 

HCMOFF – Went off…


To everyone who attended, played and helped at HCMOFF, thank you. We did something very special this evening…

So this was the show…

Kathryn Williams

Alvin Lucier – 947

Bastard Assignments

Tim Cape – Ear Piece

Tim Cape – At The Very Least

Kathryn Williams

Brian Ferneyhough – Unity Capsule

Bastard Assignments

Ed Henderson – Blow/Suck

Andy Ingamells

Packaged Pleasure


Michael Baldwin

Beavan Flanagan – no sweeter sound than my own name

Edges Ensemble

Pauline Oliveros – Four Meditations for Orchestra